Loyalty Security Alliance


Loyalty Security Association

“Fraud is not fought in a vacuum, it requires allies.
Our mission is simple:
To bring together the Loyalty Industry as allies in the fight against Fraud”

The Loyalty Security Alliance was founded in 2016 as the LFPA after various stakeholders with Loyalty, Fraud Prevention and Cybersecurity backgrounds got together to start collaboration around the growing issues around the security of Loyalty Programs.

Through the years, as the LFPA and the Loyalty Security Association, we have hosted events, educated, networked, and created and alliance for those in the Loyalty Industry, whether they have a Loyalty Program or are involved on the rewards, IT, marketing side or periphery in any way.

We strive to bring you a platform where you can find resources, information, best practices, tools, tips, and training. But above all, we hope to be a link between peers to discuss security issues; an introduction to your allies.